This club-friendly anthem, released originally in the summer of 2013, catapulted Reece onto the dance and urban music landscape.


Carrying a massive pop hook courtesy of featured vocalist Caitlyn Scarlett, THE hot tip for breakout, Reece lays down his sunshine chat and burning personals on a sumptuous old school garage vibe.


Big shout to the pop-up filmset of Malia and all who rein and rave there, with a special rise for video Director Digital Dan of course, for the fun and inspiration.


 Also available: House Mix.

Choice FM’s premier of Poison in September 2013


Nice one DJ Quincy; I owes and respects!

London Nights

“Just let me breathe” this duet with Shapz over again, as it cruises through a night of adrenaline shots, offering caustic cast-away insights into the North London grime scene along the way.


A bright early 2013 offering from Reece and fellow reps.

YABLDN Grime Sessions: Reece West

Was it really so long ago that YABLDN put its foot into new territory for the magazine Grime. Reece was first to feature in the Grime Sessions Series.


Instrumental used: Rynsa Man – Horrid Henry


December 2011


Produced in Spring 2013 by Ayo Beatz, Reece’s 1st promo single began a productive partnership that continues to stretch its ambitions and boundaries.


Fusing a mid-stream dubstep foundation with Reece’s words “to his unborn children”, the pair conjure a dark testimony that nevertheless absolves temptation.

Silent Business

“nuttin but pure hot lyricism gracefully placed upon a thumpin’ beat. With Oz Rumad behind the visuals, both the video and track come together perfectly.”




Thanks SBTV


Aca Pella version available on limited-edition CD versions of the West Life EP.

Reece West || RUMAD Tv

Raining bars from Thailand to Tottenham, Reece is on a “full tank” in this simple chat, posted in Jan 2014 and delivered with typical staccato venom and vim. Adapting and surviving. Only 1 take needed, just do the maths.

Some reviews:






“not your average grime emcee”

Linkup TV : http://linkuptv.co.uk/tag/reece-west/


Grime MC Reece West Talks About ‘Poison’, Burning Bridges And Naming His Future Child North [Interview] – SB.TV – The UK’s leading online youth broadcaster